Crosstown Doughnuts – Creme Brûlée Doughnut


“£3.50? For a doughnut? Why would anyone in their right mind pay £3.50 for a doughnut!? Are you mad?!” is what I was telling myself while I walked on a cold summer morning towards Crosstown Doughnuts in Soho. What could possibly be so good, so incredibly delicious about a doughnut to validate such an expense?

“It better be a damn good doughnut” I thought. And there I was, in Broadwick St, browsing through their eclectic doughnut selection. After several weird looking and sounding flavors, one of them spoke to me and said “I am worthy, I am worthy!”. Curious (and possibly going insane, voices in my head and all), I chose said doughnut, and paid the hefty £3.50 price tag.

One bite later… Crosstown Doughnuts - Creme Brûlée Doughnut Donut

One bite later…

Don’t get carried away by how disgusting that picture looks (it’s a masterpiece). The only way to convey the deliciousness of this candy coated, vanilla style Creme Brûlée filled doughnut marvel is to take a picture after it’s liquid center starts oozing out. And what a sugary punch it was. Mixing a great French dessert with a classic breakfast staple is a genius move, and feels like the French should learn a lesson or two on how to serve their desserts in the future. Perhaps doughnut macarons are next?

So go to Crosstown. Cry a little bit on how much you’ll spend, because chances are, you’ll buy more than one… But your palate will be more than pleased.

Slimy? Seriously, just look at that picture. Then remember that this thing is FRIED. That’s enough said.

Satisfying? Homer Simpson would be jealous that they don’t serve doughnuts like this in Springfield.


Crosstown Doughnuts
4 Broadwick St, London, Greater London, W1F 8HJ (and other locations around town)