Crate Brewery – Sweet Potato, Stilton and Walnuts Pizza

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Pizza and beer. The most fundamental elements of life. One goes with the other, and, as inseparable friends, cannot be held apart for too long. Therefore, it makes sense that if you have a place that excels in serving beer, pizza would be the obvious way to go should you think of offering sustenance to your drinking peasants.

Which is what Crate Brewery, a remarkable beer haven in the ever so strange but very cool (and hipsterish) Hackney Wick, has done. On top of their eclectic beer selection, both brewed in house and bottled elsewhere, they have a topnotch and also very eclectic mix of thin crust pizzas. As a true believer that Pizza+Beer is more than the sum of it’s parts, I ordered a Crate Pale and a Sweet potato, stilton and walnut pizza.

Those ARE NOT carrots. Promise. Crate Brewery - Sweet Potato, Stilton and Walnuts Pizza

Those ARE NOT carrots. Promise.

As much as I would love to go into detail on the beer (4.5%, perfect for summer), this is about the pizza. And what a pizza. Perfectly cooked dough, and very firm, so no ingredients fall and it’s so easy to hold, it doesn’t feel real. But it is. Oh so very real. Potato on pizza is an odd thing, but coupled with a very strong stilton cheese and some weird walnut action, this pizza is a winner. Having tried some of the others in their menu, I can vouch for the fact that they are all winners really.

So head onto Hackney Wick, sit with some strangers side by side on the very crowded terrace by the (hideous but charming?) canal, and enjoy some of the finest pizza in London. The fact that there’s good beer to boot is just the cherry on top. A very alcoholic cherry at that.

Slimy? Not at all! I mean, pizza is slimy by definition, but this is one of the least slimy pizzas I’ve experienced. Almost doesn’t make the slimy cut.

Satisfying? I need better friends who would play along and actually come with me all the way to Hackney Wick to eat these pizzas more often. If they only knew what they are missing…


Crate Brewery
Unit 7, Queens Yard, Hackney Wick, London, E9 5EN