Chinatown Bakery – Tai Yaki


Anyone who’s been to London’s Chinatown Bakery has seen it: the majestic machine that automatically creates Tai Yaki, which must be Chinese for “really tasty looking cream filled fish shaped thing”. How could we not? It’s a hypnotic experience.

Located at the Chinatown Bakery, troops of tourists watch in complete trance how this robot does pair after pair of cream filled sea-life. After years of resisting the temptation, and the obvious assumption that it couldn’t possibly taste good, I succumbed and bought four little fishies.

Looks cute. Do not be fooled. These things are evil. Chinatown Bakery - Tai Yaki

Looks cute. Do not be fooled. These things are evil

And… they’re really not that special. At all. Like, I would totally believe that the expression “appearances are deceiving” was created by someone like me, 100 years ago, watching the first of these machines working. You bite into the poor little fish thing, and it doesn’t even spill cream, as it’s all solidified by then.

So by all means, come and look at the engineering marvel of how these things get baked, just don’t expect the taste to be anything great.

Slimy? Not really. It was meant to be very gooey, and then it wasn’t.

Satisfying? Nope. At all. It’s as disappointing as the Star Wars prequels. Or The Matrix sequels. Possibly both together.


Chinatown Bakery
7 Newport Place, WC2H 7JR
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