Chick N' Sours - Bun Fried Chicken Burger Chilli Vinegar

Chick N’ Sours – Bun


I received a map last year. A treasure map, if you will. Given to me at the last National Burger Day by the cool guys from PYT Burger, who were visiting London and trying its cuisine. They told me something akin to “We have tried some great stuff, but nothing has been greater than THE TOWER OF CHICKEN”. Intrigued, I waited for the right time to find out what exactly they meant.

X marked the spot. And the spot was Chick N’ Sours. Nothing, and I really do mean nothing, could have prepared me for what I very naively thought was just a regular fried chicken burger. Upon ordering the simply named Bun, the waiter looks at me with a wary stare, almost as if asking: “Are you sure?”. Of course I’m sure. I travelled the seas in search for this mythical Tower.

Chick N' Sours - Bun Fried Chicken Burger Chilli Vinegar


And then it comes. This thing is so tall and majestic, you can spot it from miles away. With a humongous piece of Korean fried chicken, some special mayo, slaw and chilli vinegar, this Tower of a sandwich can scare any of the lesser mortals. But not me. For this burger is as ridiculous as it is flavorful. And messy. Incredibly messy. In the best of ways.

Chick N' Sours - Bun Fried Chicken Burger Chilli Vinegar

Chicken doing evasive maneuvers

So if you’re interested in following the map, this is me spreading the secret. Find the X. Find the Tower. Find salvation in chicken.


Slimy? After I finished, they brought me some baby wipes to clean myself up. I must have looked reaaaaaally sexy.

Satisfying? Once you reach the top of the Tower, you’ll be desperate to climb the next one. It’s that good.


Chick N’ Sours
390 Kingsland Rd, London E8 2AA