Cheeky Italian – Crab Mac ‘N’ Cheese


Everybody loves Mac ‘N’ Cheese. 5 year olds, 85 year olds. If you don’t like the mac, you are not only weird: you’re an outcast. Even if you can’t eat it (my sympathies to lactose intolerants), you can probably appreciate how delicious it looks, and how simple it is to cook.

Mac and cheese is perfect, and it doesn’t really need any extra ingredients to be perfect. Which is why I approached Cheeky Italian’s creation with caution. Is it really necessary to add some crab to this already eternal recipe? What would your mother say? What would your mother’s mother say? Look at you, spoiling a perfect meal. Your ancestors are rolling in their graves.

2015-09-10 Cheeky Italian - Cram Mac and Cheese

Pasta and cheese. Never fails.

Except… this just works. It just does. Maybe it’s the perfectly sourced crabs, or the deliciously slimy cheesy pasta, but it makes for a sumptuous spin on this classic dish. Italians from Italy may cry afoul (Italians not in Italy have no say in this matter), but that’s only because they haven’t tried this heavenly pasta pot.

So is it really necessary? Yes, yes it is. And let me know when you add shrimps to the mix. Sounds like it could work out quite well.

Slimy? Cheesy goodness oozes on every bite

Satisfying? Cheese and pasta just needed some crabs to reach this new level


Cheeky Italian
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