2015-12-31 Burgista Bros - BBQ Burger Baker Street food fast

Burgista Bros – BBQ Burger

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I have many brothers. Actual, living brothers. Not “bro’s” or any of the sort. We do share a fascination with the art of the burger, but have never thought of opening a burger chain. But if we had, I guess Burgista Bros wouldn’t be a bad name.

2015-12-31 Burgista Bros - BBQ Burger Baker Street food fast

Kind of looks like a clamshell. A delicious clamshell.

Which is how I can only assume this recently started hamburger franchise began. Having opened their second shop in Baker St (right in the middle of Tourist London, a stone’s throw from Madame Tussauds and Sherlock Holmes nonsense), the “Bros” make some fine burgers. My choice, the BBQ Burger, comes with some great homemade BBQ sauce and was ready quick enough for me to get back to work a few tube stations away and not be screamed at by my boss (yes, I travel on my lunch breaks in search of good food. No, that is not weird).

So I guess that name is taken. Me and my own bros will have to settle with something else. Like Super Burger Bros. That’s not taken… yet…


Slimy? Oozing with BBQ sauce, but since it’s conveniently packaged, you won’t lose a single drop

Satisfying? A fine burger alternative to the already bustling Central London burger scene


Burgista Bros
195 Baker Street, London NW1 6UY