Bunnychow – Chakalaka Chicken Bunny


This has nothing to do with bunnies. Or rabbits. Absolutely nothing. Have I eaten bunnies before? Yes, since I’m a terrible human being. I’ve eaten some of those cute little furry fuzzballs. I am, after all, a monster.

But this isn’t about bunnies. It’s about something called bunny chows, which, apparently, is South African for “hollow bread pastry filled with tasty ingredients”. A fast food treat in that region, it’s served in London by the appropriately named Bunnychow. They took something traditional, added international fillings and brought the bunny loaf craze to the UK.

2015-12-04 Bunny Chow - Chakalaka Chicken Bunny

I promise there is chicken beneath all that slaw lava

You choose your kind of bread (I went with black brioche), your filling (Chakalaka Chicken for me) and an extra topping (some kind of cole slaw) and you get a truly bizarre, strange looking tower of delicious food. I didn’t even know how to eat this thing. But a sign on the wall explained it was meant to be eaten whichever way I liked. So I just made a whole mess of it all fairly quickly.

But it’s still so much better than eating a bunny. My conscience is intact after the act. No weird “Bugs Bunny with a chainsaw” nightmares after eating this beautiful South African delight.


Slimy? I really tried to eat this in a civilized manner. I failed miserably. And that’s a good sign

Satisfying? Such a rich mix of flavours, you’ll want to chow some more instantly


74 Wardour St, London, W1F 0TE