Bun & Bar – B&B Cheeseburger

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The Cheeseburger. A classic. So many other options on a menu but I keep coming back to simpler times. Times where a good slice of cheese was the only thing that mattered on a burger, and not jalapeño pesto or crab meat infusions and whatever they are adding to burgers in hipster-town nowadays.

Sometimes all a burger needs is a perfectly cooked meat and a good slice of american cheese. And that’s pretty much what you get when you order the B&B Cheeseburger at Bun & Bar. Well, that and a ginormous mountain of chips. Very good chips at that. But enough about the chips. The very, very addictive chips. Damn those chips!

Bun & Bar - B&B Cheeseburger

And the burger stood upon its chips kingdom…

The burger comes also with ketchup and smokey mayo, but it’s such a simple choice that it all rests on the meat and the cheese. And it tasted good. Not only that, but it held very well, with very little falling on the side, making for a non messy (yet still messy, it is a burger after all) experience. Couple that with a cool place and a good beer selection, and you got a winner in burger land.

Also, did I mention the chips? Cause man, those chips are like, unrealistically addictive. So addictive, in fact, that I almost made this post about the chips.

Slimy? Just the perfect amount of slimyness. I still had to wash my hands afterwards, though, which is a good sign in any burger.
Satisfying? Deliciously crafted and very simple burger. Also, chips. VERY good chips.
Bun & Bar
553 Green Lanes, N8 0RL London