Seeing double rocks!

Bleecker St. – Double Cheeseburger

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Always go for twice as much. It’s an old Chinese proverb (not really). If you ever have the option to go bigger, you should. So when I’m faced with the impossibly obvious decision of whether I’m having a cheeseburger or a Double Cheeseburger, you can bet your bum that I’ll be seeing double when the food comes.

Bleecker St. have been running food carts and stalls in many places, but it had somehow eluded my palate until last weekend. While wrestling the hordes of confused tourists at Old Spitalfields Market (“let’s go back to Covent Garden”), burger time came along. To be honest, it always is burger time. But this time it was serious. So serious, in fact, that I went big. Double big.

Seeing double rocks! Bleecker St. - Double Cheeseburger

Seeing double rocks!

Packing two massive, medium rare patties, plus burger sauce and some veggies, this was one flavourful and seriously dirty hamburger. Double the flavour, double the dirty. Double EVERYTHING.

So what happens now? I’ve only been once and loved it, so not to be charged with hypocrisy, I’ll have to follow the “path of the double” and come back for more…

Slimy? Double the slimy. DOUBLE.

Satisfying? Double the satisfying as well. DOUBLE.


Bleecker St.
Old Spitalfields Market, London, Greater London, E1 6EA