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Contrary to popular belief, the hamburger was not created in Hamburg (not sure if anyone truly believes that). It wasn’t created in France either, which makes it all the more shocking to find a french hamburger restaurant. In London of all places.

But that’s exactly what Big Fernand is. It’s all about simple, homestyle cooking with fancy schmancy, hard to pronounce french ingredients. For example, the signature one, Le Big Fernand, comes with “Tomme de Savoie cheese”. Which is, well, fancy language for saying cheese. Add some sun-dried tomatoes and secret sauce and you get a countryside tasting burger. Simple, delicate and tasty.

2015-10-02 Big Fernand - Le Big Fernand burger

Any cheese is fancy cheese

Though the days of English and French rivalry are long gone (a big lie, the rivalry seems to be alive and well), that means something like Big Fernand can exist, deftly mixing french sensibilities with anglosaxon burger nonsense.

Special mention to the homemade ketchup, which made the accompanying fries be worthy of being served at Versailles. It’s so good, I asked for some ketchup to go. I wish I was kidding… but I’d do it again.

Slimy? Not particularly. It comes with a big bun, which held everything in place surprisingly well.

Satisfying? A taste of French country life, right in Central London. Oh la la.


Big Fernand
19 Percy St, London W1T 1DY

  • Javier Chame

    Hamburgers don’t originate from Hamburg?! I didn’t know that, so Vienesas don’t come from Viena and Milanesas don’t come from Milan? My life will never be the same after this knowledge. Looks like a pretty tasty and ugly hamburger though, Props on your blog, I like your style mr. Slimy food.

  • DannyKay

    Many thanks! And I’m quite sure my usual readers (all three of them) have no clue what a vienesa (sausage) or milanesa (escalope) is!