bbq pulled pork burnt ends soho london food

BBQ Burnt Ends & Pulled Pork Combo – Bodean’s

Hall of Slime

There’s something glamorous about food served on a tray. As in, directly ON the tray. This is both an ecological and entertaining way to eat, and it gives you significantly more real estate to spread your filth and sauces. Who needs plates anyways?

bbq pulled pork burnt ends soho london food

Not me, for sure. Specially when it’s all about getting down and dirty, and nothing screams dirty as some good, old fashioned American BBQ. Which is exactly what Bodean’s excels at. Don’t be fooled by the sudden appearance of Bodean’s shops everywhere. These guys really do know their meat from their pork, their BBQ sauce from their, ehm, spicy BBQ sauce. And they can make a mean meal.

bbq pulled pork burnt ends soho london food

And with a diverse menu of sticky delicacies, how could I possibly choose between Burnt Ends and Pulled Pork? Why can’t I have both? Wait. I can? Seriously? Good lord in heaven! This is one happy day! Add in some coleslaw and bountiful chips, and I’m sold.


Slimy? No matter how sticky it already comes, you’re going to douze it in more BBQ sauce anyways

Satisfying? A good BBQ is a good BBQ. This is an excellent one.


10 Poland St, London W1F 8PZ