Autograf Grill – Polish Burger


I’m a bad loser. I always remember when I lost, and never forgive myself. Specially when it comes to eating ridiculously sized dishes. Like last time I visited Autograf Grill, and failed to finish their Honey Pork Ribs. I felt empty for weeks.

So I’ve come back. This time, with a taste for vengeance. And a taste for burger. Big, motherflippin’ burgers. Since it’s a polish restaurant, I had to go for the Polish Burger, which, unlike most of your typical burgers, is made with minced pork.

It's really heavy as well. Can be used as a doorstop. Autograf Grill - Polish pork Burger

It’s really heavy as well. Can be used as a doorstop

It has other ingredients, sure, but just look at that patty. Look at the size, the majesty, the enormity. Every bite felt like my jaw was breaking as to how big a bite I had to take. But one bite at a time, and each one as richly delicious as the one before, I conquered this beast of a burger.

Sure, afterwards I felt as full as I’ll ever be. And then I went to see the new Star Wars to the cinema, which meant bad news to the people sitting next to me. But I’ll always remember that day. For it was the day I conquered my demons, and finished a meal at Autograf Grill. And yeah, for Star Wars as well. Good day indeed.


Slimy? You probably need a third hand to properly hold this beast of a burger. Good luck keeping everything in place!

Satisfying? A delightful monstrosity, with great polish made meat. Just make sure you’re hungry!


Autograf Grill
499 Green Lanes, London, Greater London, N4 1AL