African Volcano – Dirty Little Secret Burger

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In the hidden depths of Bermondsey, each weekend, Maltby Street Market takes place. In one of it’s decidedly hipsterish  arches, lies one “stall” unlike the others. It’s a burger stall, whose only reason of existence is to promote a range of cooking sauces called African Volcano.

What better way to promote any sort of condiment than with a greasy, borderline disgusting range of burgers? Out of a delicious sounding menu, one item pops out instantly, a burger called Dirty Little Secret, whose ingredients lie in mystery and one is meant to ask the cook “What is so secretive about this particular burger?”.

And the secret, my friends, is that this burger has pulled pork ON TOP OF THE MEAT. That is right, meat and pork, plus all sorts of juicy ingredients like pickles, streaky bacon and, of course, African Volcano hot sauce.

See how it glows? Greasy masterpiece. African Volcano - Dirty Little Secret Burger

See how it glows? Greasy masterpiece

To describe in mere words what each mouthful of this concoction makes you feel would be a disservice to how wonderful it tastes. Suffice it to say, it must be eaten with fork and knife, which is a sacrilege in the burger world, but trust me, you won’t even want to try otherwise.

Slimy? Very. It oozes juices stemming from the burger, the sauce and the pork, creating a pool of yuckiness sorrounding it.

Satisfying? Hell yeah. No idea how, but the assortment of ingredients, while impossible to taste them individually, make a beatiful tasty rainbow of pleasantness.


African Volcano
Maltby Street Market
London SE1 3PA